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Sunnex ERGO (Industrial) ergonomic workplace mat

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Sunnex ERGO (Industrial) ergonomic workplace mat

Manufacturer: Sunnex
Country: Sweden
Delivery time: 5-10 days
Brochure: sunnex-ind-e.pdf

Quick Overview

Sunnex ERGO ergonomic workplace mat

Sunnex ERGO - Ergonomical

MAT design
Sunnex ERGO is an ergonomic workstation mat for people who work a lot standing up in tough industrial enviroments. Sunnex ERGO is made of special nitrile rubber that effectively reduces stress on the feet, legs, hips and back. The rubber's high elasticity, combined with air cushions on the underside of the mat and bumps on the upper side, provide comfortable and ergonomic pressure relief.

Sunnex ERGO has specially adapted elasticity for maximum working comfort. It is highly wear-resistant, meaning that objects cannot be trampled and lodged into the surface. Sunnex ERGO is also resistant to commonly occurring oils, chemicals, cutting fluids, emulsions and detergents.
High friction on the underside keeps the mat firmly positioned on the floor. A bevelled edge allows trolleys, pallet lifts etc. to be smoothly wheeled over it.

A unique, flexible construction system means that Sunnex ERGO is easy to assemble to fit the desired layout. No tools are needed. The sections are joined together using the profile of the mat and a built-in snap closure system. Sunnex ERGO can easily be cut to size with heavy-duty shears to ensure a perfect fit around table legs etc. 
The basic kit includes three sections (A+B+A) measuring 750 x 1500 mm.

Layout examples

Mat sections

  • ● Reduce the strain on the body
  • ● Prevents fatigue
  • ● Enhances well-being
  • ● Simple assembly without tools
  • ● Easy to clean


Mat sections
Dimension mm
Weight kg
Basic kit
End section
Middle section
Edge section
Corner section
Central section
Combination section 1
Combination section 2
750 x 1500
750 x 375
750 x 750
750 x 750
750 x 750
750 x 750
750 x 375
750 x 175

Why stand on a rubber mat?

The Sunnex mat is an ergonomic workstation mat for people who spend a lot of their working time standing up. The mat is designed to reduce stress on the feet, legs, hips and back. The nitrile rubber's high elasticity, combined with an air cushion system and bumps on the top of the mat, provide comfortable ergonomic pressure relief. Employees who work standing on a Sunnex mat feel less fatigue, and may also take less sick leave in the long term. The mat also dramatically reduces the risk of repetitive strain and other injuries to the feet, legs, hips and back.
The Sunnex mat is comprised of seven standard sections that can be assembled to fit the desired layout. If necessary, the sections can be water cut to millimetre precision.

The Sunnex mat is available in three versions:
Sunnex ERGO for offices, shops, hotels and service facilities and for demanding, rugged environments, e.g. in the manufacturing industry
Sunnex ESD is specially designed for environments where it is crucial to disperse electric static discharge, e.g. in the electronics, textile and chemicals industries and at ammunition and explosives factories

More Comfort - less fatigue

A summary of different studies shows that prolonged standing often results in tiredness and stiffness. Discomfort in feet, legs and the lower back increases over time. Swollen feet and other foot problems are most common among people who stand or walk a lot during their work. Reports show that tiredness and discomfort from standing during work can lead to reduced productivity.

More comfort - less fatigue
Several studies have researched the ergonomic effects of different floor surfaces in various working environments. These studies examined several professional groups including hairdressers, assembly mechanics and kitchen staff. The study showed that standing on a mat increased comfort and reduced fatigue during work.

The right surface reduces work injuries
Other reports on standing work show that that risk of work-related injury is reduced by using anti-slip mats, mats with bevelled edges and mats that are not too soft.

Starting from people's natural characteristics
To create healthy working conditions, it is necessary to start with people's natural characteristics. Above all, it is important to vary one's movements. However, some jobs do not allow this, and instead require standing up for prolonged periods of time. An elastic surface is one way of adapting the working conditions to people's natural characteristics.

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Art.Nr.Product Name Price Qty
120000 Sunnex ERGO Basic kit, A+B+A
SKr 1,996.00
120001 Sunnex ERGO End section, A
SKr 548.00
120002 Sunnex ERGO Middle section, B
SKr 963.00
120003 Sunnex ERGO Middle section, C
SKr 629.00
120004 Sunnex ERGO Corner section, D
SKr 629.00
120005 Sunnex ERGO Central section, E
SKr 629.00
120006 Sunnex ERGO Combination section 1, F
SKr 386.00
120007 Sunnex ERGO Combination section 2, G
SKr 278.00
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