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Arnold Twin Hydraulic (high pressure)

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Arnold Twin Hydraulic (high pressure)

Manufacturer: Fresmak
Country: Spain
Delivery time: 4-5 days
Brochure: arnold-twin-hydraulic.pdf

Quick Overview

Arnold Twin Hydraulic high pressure manual vices for all types of machines

Arnold Twin Hydraulic high pressure vices are capable of clamping two pieces simultaneously with one single movement of the handle, keeping the total length constant. This makes it ideal for machining series of work-pieces in machining centres.

  • Main components in nodular cast iron.
  • Grinding of all surfaces.
  • Possible working positions: supported on the base, on the side or vertically on the head.
  • Suitable for working in horizontal and vertical machining centres.
  • 0.01 mm clamping repeatability.
  • High pressure mechanical intensfier incorporated into the spindle, which keeps the clamping force for hours.
  • 2.5/4 tons of force without stress and with manual operation. Ideal for large clamping and long clamping operations. 
  • Side windows for easy swarf evacuation.
  • Hard jaws suitable for fitting special Fresmak jaws.
  • Possibility of working with soft jaws in accordance with the geometrical requirements of the piece.
  • Angle driver for handle clearance available.
  • Set of standardised soft jaws available.
 3rd Hand
Function which permits first one work-piece to be clamped and then the other, enabling it to be fitted in the vertical position.
Operation of the 3rd Hand: By turning the handle bring the moveable jaw I towards the work-piece situated in station I until it is clamped.
Maintaining the turn bring moveable jaw II towards the work-piece situated in station II until it is clamped.
Continuing with the turn, jumpstart the intensifier and start to clamp with high pressure.

 Compensated clamp
The exterior clamping system towards the centre makes the elevated forces in the clamp area to be compensated
dynamically thus avoiding deformations.

 Clamping possibilities
Two work-pieces can be clamped at the same time, with a difference in size between them of 3 mm, or one single work-piece. The Arnold Twin vice permits six different types of clamp, interchanging the standard jaw position. This is achieved, either by rotating the side jaws and fitting the jaw staggered in the centre, or by fitting any of the central jaws on the side closest to the handle.



Arnold Twin Hydraulic
040 410 090
040 410 125
M H7
Clamping force (kg)
Weight (kg)
2.500 x 2
4.000 x 2
Clamping field 01
Clamping field 02
Clamping field 03
Clamping field 04
Clamping field 05
Clamping field 06
0 - 80
0 - 92
66 - 145
66 - 157
140 - 221
198 - 286
0 - 68
0 - 80
66 - 133
66 - 133
140 - 209
198 - 274
0 - 99
0 - 114
83 - 181
83 - 196
180 - 286
262 -368
0 - 87
0 - 102
83 - 169
83 - 184
180 - 274
262 - 356
* The Twin 125 model is included with a power regulator

 Set supplied
  ● base body
  ● hydraulic spindle
  ● 1 set of plain jaws
      - 2 x side jaws
      - 1 central jaw I (staggered)
      - 1 central jaw II (block)
  ● 1 handle
  ● 4 end clamps
  ● instruction manual
Accessories and spare parts

Extra spindle
Angle driver

Adjustable stop

Advantages of High Pressure

Fresmak is dedicated to the manufacture of clamping solutions and high pressure vices. The advantages of high pressure are considerable.

High pressure produces intense force therefore the work-piece is very well clamped.
This enables greater feed cut, depth and milling.
Thanks to this force intensifier, pressure can be obtained with the least effort.
Irrespective of the operator the same clamping force is always obtained. This constant repetitive pressure enables greater clamping precision and positioning of the work-piece.

High pressure clamps do not imply any wear on the vice parts because the movement is axial.
On a traditional vice more force is obtained by rotating the spindle and as such the spindle supports the pressure made on the work-piece. This means a lot of wear on the thread (spindle). This is not the case with high pressure, It is the pushrod which makes the force, using an axial movement, and thus does not support much force and the spindle itself, none.
High pressures vice spindles support less wear, and as such have a much longer lifespan.
High pressure vice manufacture is very precise. Height, distances between points, finishes, milling, grinding, tempering, hardnesses are all carefully controlled and tested to offer maximum performance on the machines where they will be used.

Hydraulic spindle

The basis of the intensifying hydraulic spindle is that it works with a closed oil cylinder. On inserting the piston into the chamber, the pressure due to the section differences or diameters intensifies with little effort. The movement is light; this is noted on turning the handle which is also smooth.

As these are hollow spindles, the force is transmitted inside the threaded spindle. Therefore this carries out only the stroke movement, and enjoys long-lasting wear as does not have to carry out any clamping force.

Regulator (presetting power control)

This part offers the possibility of step regulation of the pressure to be used before starting the job, and thus obtaining the repeatability of the clamping force required.

Common characteristics and materials

The main body, the moveable jaw and the spindle shoe are manufactured in cast nodular pearlite GGG 70, providing it with high resistance to breakage and fatigue. In addition, due to the molecular structure it is ideal for absorbing vibrations, which are produced during machining and, as it is more stable in time, enabling ARNOLD vices to keep their shape for more than 20 years.

All Fresmak vices have two longitudinal and transversal key slots (20H7) perfectly machined and perpendicular, which means that they can be rapidly fitted on machining tables without the need for a comparator clock and with the possibility of placing several perfectly aligned clamps.

The vice jaws are constructed in F-5220 - 100MnCrW4 tempered at 60 Hrc, enabling them to withstand high pressure action without deformation and are resistant to the action of swarf, and protected from being dented by swarf.

Similarly, as the guides are tempered by induction of flame hardening and ground to improve the positioning of the work-piece and the sliding of the moveable jaw. This method makes them sufficiently hard so as not to suffer any damage during even the most abrupt machining, nor will they be affected by swarf, acids or cutting fluids.

All Fresmak vices are identified with an individual production number and all measurements are documented at the factory, assuring precision on repeat orders.

Additionally, all the bodies incorporate laterally threaded holes to fit the adjustable stops that the work-piece requires (a standard adjustable stop can be supplied).

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Art.Nr.Product Name Price Qty
040410090 Arnold Twin Hydraulic vice 090
SKr 22,880.00
040410125 Arnold Twin Hydraulic vice with regulator 125
SKr 28,650.00
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