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Manufacturer: Tormek
Country: Sweden
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Explains the basics in edge tool sharpening and how to best work with the Tormek system. 161 pages and 660 line drawings

The book is enclosed with each Tormek machine. It can also be bought separately through Industributiken.

This book explains the basics of edge tool sharpening including Grinding and Sharpening, Edge Angle and Bevel Angle, Dry Grinding and Wet Grinding, Vertical and Horizontal Grinders, Hollow Bevel, Grinding Direction, Grinding Pressure, Tool Rests and Grinding Jigs, Honing, Sharpening Techniques for Carving Gouges and V-tools and Sharpening Techniques for Turning Tools.

The book also gives you useful hints and describes the unique Tormek method of grinding, sharpening and honing and how to work with it. More than 600 detailed line drawings show, step by step, how best to grind most type of edge tools.

Changes in edition 9.7
The Bench Grinder Mounting Set BGM-100 is introduced. The new and wider water trough featuring a water chute and with a magnet for attracting steel particles is included. The new EzyLock washer nut is introduced. Some chapters have been revised and updated. The chapters Safety and Spare Parts are removed and are now in a separate booklet delivered with the machine.

Earlier editions:
Edition 9.6: New geometries for the Turning Tool Setter TTS-100 have been introduced and this chapter has been re-written as well as the chapters for the Gouge and Cutter Jig SVD-185 and the Multi Jig SVS-50. The chapter Sharpening Techniques for Turning Tools has been extended with “Questions and Answers”.

Edition 9.5: Introducing the Turning Tool Setter TTS-100. New Straight Edge Jig SE-76. New sub chapter Sharpening Techniques for Turning Tools. The chapters SVD-185 and SVS-50 are revised due to the new Turning Tool Setter TTS-100.
New layout and cover design.

Edition 9.3: The new Truing and Dressing Tool TT-50 with screw feed is introduced. This replaces the ADV-50D Truing Tool. Some images are updated.

Edition 9.2: The denominations of the machines are changed from SuperGrind 2000 to Tormek 2000 and from SuperGrind 1200 to Tormek 1200. The new profiled leather honing wheel LA-120 with exchangeable leather discs is introduced.

Edition 9.0: A new grinding jig for moulding knives, SVP-80, is introduced. In the SVD-185 chapter, the page describing the various shapes is amended. The number of line drawings is increased to 549.

Edition 8.0: The Universal Support now incorporates a micro adjust so that you can more exactly and easily make the fine setting. Sharpening of hollowing tools on the SVD-110 Tool Rest is described. The chapter Diamond Truing Tool, ADV-50D is revised. The number of line drawings is increased to 529.

Edition 7.1: The SVM-45 and the SVM-100 instructions are modified. The IR (Instant Replication) method for re-sharpening of turning gouges and turning skew chisels is introduced in the chapters SVD-185 and SVS-50. The SVH-320 instruction is revised.

Edition 7.0: The grinding jig SVD-180 is replaced by the new jig SVD-185, which also copes with turning cutters. The SVD-185 jig has also a new, specially designed mounting disc, which enables mounting of any size of tool. The number of line drawings is increased to 524 and the number of pages to 149.

Edition 6.0: This edition includes the new Short Tool Jig SVS-32. The general instructions for carving gouges and carving V-tools have been revised and put in separate chapter, Sharpening Techniques for Carving Gouges and V-tools. The 2000 series housing now has a new design and there is a scale on the machine label showing the stone diameter. The grinding and ticketing of cabinet scrapers are covered in the chapter on the SVD-110 Tool Rest. The cover is amended. The number of line drawings is increased to 502 and the number of pages to 147.

Edition 5.0: The chapter dealing with the grinding, re-sharpening and honing of turning gouges in the SVD-180 jig is revised. The factors determining the shape of a fingernail bowl gouge are explained and there is a graph survey showing various shapes. There is also detailed advice on how you set the jig at re-sharpenings in the easiest way. The number of line drawings is increased from 450 to 468 and the number of pages is increased from 129 to 137.

Suitable for following sharpeners

Tormek T-3
Tormek T-7

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